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For the next months I will publish entire courses focused on the most recent and relevant business skills. And everything for free!

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Each course will have great supporting material, so you can download great templates and ebooks for every major section of all courses!

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You won’t even feel your are learning sophisticated techniques and complex subjects. All the topics are written in a way that makes them easy and fun to understand!

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We cover all the stages of building a comprehensive business plan for your existing company or startup. The skills presented here are essential for everyone in the business world!

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Upcoming Courses

Business Decision Analysis

A course that will cover all relevant aspects of decision processes in both business and personal environments.

Big Data and Data Analytics

In this course we will visit the concept of big data and learn numerous tools to handle it to produce significant insights.

Online Marketing

A complete course that will cover every single aspect of online marketing, from setting up optimized pages for SEO until managing your online campaigns and getting the most out of your data!